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A Message and Advice for Our Clients During COVID-19

Dear clients,

As a hearing care professional, I’ve never encountered a situation quite like what we are facing now here in Northeastern Ohio.  I am currently writing this blog from home as I haven’t serviced any of my clients in any of my offices since late April.  I am writing this blog because although it is advisable for all my patients to stay home in isolation, that doesn’t mean they are necessarily hearing the way they should.  

There are a lot of ways hearing professionals are trying to address these issues.  Some offer appointments by telephone.  Some have the ability to change the settings on hearing aids by sending updates to the patient’s smartphone.  I prefer to do neither of these.

Does your hearing aid sound weaker than normal?

Whenever I have a client come to my office whose hearing aids sound weaker than normal, the vast majority of the time it is due to their earwax or body oils that have secreted onto the hearing aid.  The only way to properly address this is by cleaning the part of the receiver or mold of the hearing aid that rests in the ear canal,  or by replacing the dome and waxgaurd.  Changing the hearing aid settings may make the hearing aids sound better for the time being, but that would be neglecting to address the obstruction of sound going into the ear canal (ie. earwax, sweat, moisture).

Advice to our clients during COVID-19

The best advice I can give my clients during this time is to wipe down your hearing aids with a dry clean cloth, and if you know how to, change the domes and wax guards.  Additionally, taking a small brush (a soft tooth brush would suffice) and brushing the domes on the receivers as well as the microphones can also be helpful too.  If you are unsure what you are doing and feel hesitant to clean your own hearing aids or if you’ve tried and you don’t hear any better, I  hopefully will be back at work May 1st, 2020 and will be able to help you.  

My coworkers and I feel terrible we can’t service our patients they way they should be, but at the same time we know that we are taking the appropriate measures to ensure everyone’s safety.  Thank you all for your understanding during this challenging time and hopefully we will start servicing our clients soon!


Harold Fantl