elder woman with dexterity issues choosing hearing aids

Dexterity Issues and Hearing Aids

Choosing the right hearing aids to accommodate dexterity issues is an important decision. The level of one’s dexterity ability can be mild to severe and affect anyone at any age.  We want to share a story about a client of ours with dexterity issues. Her name is Josephine. 

Josephine has been a Beltone client for several years.  She first came to us wondering how to appropriately address her hearing loss.  We demonstrated Receiver-In-The-Ear (RIE) hearing aids based on the results of her hearing test.  An RIE is a style of hearing aid where the actual aid rests on top of the ear.  Sound travels through a very thin tube that leads to the actual “receiver” that comfortably rests inside one’s ear canal.  Josephine loved how the aids sounded and decided to purchase that exact set.   

Dexterity issues and using hearing aids

We scheduled the delivery of Josephine’s new RIE hearing aids within a few days.  Everything was going smoothly until we tried teaching her how to put the hearing aids on and take them off.  Josephine revealed to us on that day for the first time that she was undergoing neuropathy treatments and had significant dexterity issues in both hands.  This made putting on the RIE hearing aids extremely difficult.   She couldn’t position the RIE aids correctly on top of her ear, and she had almost no ability to push the receiver tubes in her ears.  Needless to say, Josephine was really distraught and frustrated. 

ITE custom hearing aids for dexterity issues

We then suggested to Josephine to try In-The-Ear Hearing Aids (ITE). ITE is also known as custom hearing aids, with the same level of technology as the RIE hearing aids she originally intended for.  We explained to her that ITE aids will not require anything to go behind her ears. Additionally, we explained they will fit in her ears like puzzle pieces because we mold impressions of her ears customizing them uniquely for her.  We expressed how we only are able to demonstrate RIE hearing aids in our office after a free hearing test because custom hearing aids take about a week and a half to manufacture.   

She listened to our advice, and we received her new ITE custom hearing aids about a week later.  Josephine had no issues putting the hearing aids on and taking them off, despite having dexterity issues.  When she recently came in for a free check up, she told us her hearing aids are so comfortable. So comfortable that she sometimes she forgets she is wearing them!

The Beltone Listens difference for those having dexterity issues

beltone logoIt is important to know that here at Beltone, if we have a client who is not happy with the set of hearing aids they purchase, they can exchange them for a completely different model or style that will better fit their needs with no penalty. 

If you are having dexterity issues and have questions about what hearing aids will work best for you, please call us. Our mission is to provide a comfortable, honest, no-pressure atmosphere to our clients for all their hearing needs.