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Do I Really Need Hearing Aids?

At Beltone Listens, we are asked very frequently by clients if they really “need” hearing aids after being told they have hearing loss.

This answer isn’t necessarily a yes or no, but a question to consider is would you like to hear better than you do right now?

When we ask this question, we are met with a range of responses. Some clients with very mild hearing loss express interest in a free office demonstration to learn more about their options. While others with severe hearing loss have no interest in receiving help claiming they can hear just fine.

We know we can’t make the decision for you. But we have been in this industry for a long time and know the positive impact hearing aids can make in the daily lives of individuals with hearing loss whether it’s mild or severe.

Do I need hearing aids for mild hearing loss?

Some may wonder if they really need hearing aids if they have mild hearing loss. Having mild hearing loss can result in difficulty understanding conversation. If you have mild hearing loss, it can be difficult to understand the consonant sounds such as “f,” “k,” “th,” and “p.”

While mild hearing loss can be medically determined, it really is a personal choice when to get hearing aids. It really depends how the loss impacts your daily life. No two hearing losses are the same even if they appear like it on paper. Only you know how it’s affecting you. Many people find when they are honest with themselves, their mild hearing loss impacts them more than they care to admit.

Beltone Listens offers a free hearing screening where we can test your level of hearing and ask questions to determine how much trouble your hearing loss is giving you. During this free test, we can answer any questions and concerns you have. Our goal is to help improve your hearing health when you’re ready.

How hearing aids can help improve your life

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Hearing aids can significantly improve people’s lives. We see hearing aids improve relationships from being able to hear better. Our clients with dementia have significantly improved cognitive abilities after getting hearing aids. And we’ve seen individuals whose work performance was no longer compromised due to their improved hearing from hearing aids.

It’s our passion at Beltone Listens to show clients how their daily lives can be positively impacted with hearing aids. We offer free hearing tests and in office demonstrations so you can make an informed decision whether you need hearing aids or not.

We know the decision to get hearing aids is a personal one. At Beltone Listens, we will never pressure you when it comes to making this decision. We are here to help you and answer your questions should you be interested in improving your hearing health.

Contact us with any questions or concern you have.