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How to Clean Your Hearing Aids

Cleaning your hearing aids is important and dramatically affects your ability to hear.

You can be wearing top-of-the-line technology, have the ability to control how you hear conversation in background noise, and be able to manipulate the aid’s settings on your smart phone. But with all this you still can’t hear properly. Why is this? It’s because the equipment needs to be cleaned.

Moisture build-up from wearing hearing aids

Moisture from body heat builds up quickly in the ear canal as a result of wearing hearing aids. Think about if for a second…if one wears earplugs for a long period of time, moisture will build quickly inside the ear as a result of sealing it off.

This results in more secreted sweat, body oils, and even earwax being exposed to the receiver of the hearing aid. The receiver is the part that “receives” sound and rests in the canal that ideally lines up to your eardrum.  Sound is received optimally when the receiver is not blocked by body oils or earwax.  The goal is to get rid of these blockages when cleaning your receivers.

Here at Beltone, we provide all our clients with a brush and a cloth whenever we deliver a new set of hearing aids.

How to Clean Your Hearing Aids

  1. Once a week (or when you can) grab your brush and cloth and remove your hearing aids.
  2. Take the brush and clear off any dry skin, debris, and earwax on the end of the receiver tubes.
  3. Take the cloth and wipe down the same area to get rid of oils the brush has missed.
  4. If your brush and/or cloth are missing, use a soft tissue like Kleenex and wipe the aforementioned areas.

Wiping the receiver tubes with Kleenex does a good job getting rid of any grime and moisture. This is important because ideally you want to wear hearing aids that aren’t oily. The dryer they are, the more likely you will hear better with them.

But even with weekly cleaning, sometimes you may need a deeper and more thorough cleaning to improve the lifespan of your equipment. A longer life means a lower cost to you, so we do recommend it.

It is always a good idea to visit your hearing hearing-care provider every four to six months for routine servicing. From there, your provider should be able to instruct you on any additional steps you should to take to properly clean your equipment while at home.

Cleaning and caring for your hearing aids at Beltone

Here at our practice, we don’t charge our patients to come in and get a professional cleaning. We have clients who come in every six months, and we have clients with super-oily skin who come in every two months. How we clean your equipment depends on the style. Generally, we will almost always change the filters (the piece that prevents substances from getting inside the hearing aid), and also clean the microphones with a brush.

Beltone hearing aid cleaning kit

A cleaning brush and cloth come with the purchase of Beltone Hearing Aids. We take pride in being able to show our clients how to use these tools most effectively.

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Should you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-354-HEAR.