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In-Network University Hospitals Employee Hearing Aid Benefits

University Hospitals offers its employees hearing aid benefits. We’ll discuss an overview of this UH employee benefit program and who is included for this hearing aid benefit.

Overview of University Hospitals Employee Benefits for Hearing Aids

university hospitalsEmployees of University Hospitals(UH) have the option to receive health insurance coverage through UH’s self-funded policy. Additionally, spouses and immediate family members can be added on for coverage as well. The UH employee benefits policy for hearing aids includes the fitting of two hearing aids once every 48 months.

In addition to the hearing aids, an entire hearing aid fitting includes all maintenance and follow-up services required to hear optimally. These appointments will be totally free of charge.

Are there out-of-pocket costs?

We are proudly an in-network provider with University Hospital’s self-funded insurance network. The out-of-pocket cost for the hearing aids will be contingent on the member’s deductible and the level of technology of the hearing aids. We offer a wide range of high-quality hearing aid products to fit any budget and need.

Should you have further questions about coverage, out-of-pocket cost, or about the types of hearing aids available, don’t hesitate to call our office at 1-800-354-HEAR

How does a UH employee render in-network hearing aid benefits?

Rendering this hearing aid benefit is contingent on verifying the member has a hearing loss and obtaining prior authorization. The way we determine this is with a free hearing test in any one of our five locations. Should the member have a hearing loss, we will offer a free hearing-aid demonstration. The prior authorization will be obtained by our administrative staff, so no additional work will be required from the member.

Who is included in the UH Employee Benefit program for hearing aids?

We already help many University Hospital employees. These employees include doctors, nurses, medical assistants, appointment setters, accountants, cafeteria workers, project managers, as well as their spouses. We consistently are told how much more effectively these employees can hear co-workers, patients, phone conversations, and their own family. Furthermore, these same members report fewer mistakes made in the workplace as a result of mishearing.

Have questions about the in-network University Hospitals Employee Benefit program for hearing aids?

Feel free to contact or call us with any questions you may have.