beltone hearing aids on office desk

In-Office Demonstration

Age is the largest predictor of hearing loss among adults and is third most common physical condition affecting people of all ages (Healthy Hearing). Your hearing health is very important. Equally important is understanding your options to improve your hearing, which is why Beltone offers in-office hearing aid demonstrations.

In-Office Hearing Aid Demonstrations

Beltone offers in-office demonstrations to anyone with hearing loss that would benefit from wearing hearing aids. Knowing how your hearing and quality of life can be improved is necessary before deciding to purchase new hearing aids.

During a demonstration, we show you the latest technology available including the Amaze rechargeable hearing aids. We also offer demonstrations with a more basic level of technology without compromising the quality of sound or your budget.

Additionally, we’ll teach you about all the different features of our hearing aid products along with how to maintain them for optimal hearing for years to come. Explore your hearing aid options to find the best fit for you!

How much do in-office demonstrations cost?

Great question. Our in-office demonstrations are absolutely free with Beltone hearing aids!

If you’re a new client, this demonstration is offered after your free hearing test. If you’re an existing client, you will typically have a hearing test every 3 years or so and you are more than welcome to a free demonstration to experience our hearing aid products as well.

Whether you’re a new client or have been an existing one for 10 years, we pride ourselves on being as transparent as possible to allow our clients to make the correct and best decisions for their hearing needs.

How Long Does an In-office Hearing Aid Demonstration Take?

An in-office demonstration usually takes about 30 minutes or less. But that depends on two things: First is if we have the results of your hearing test, then that will cut down on the time. The second factor is you. The in-office demonstration is made for you and caters to you.

At Beltone, we are here to answer your specific questions and meet your hearing needs. If that takes more time, then it takes more time. Our goal is to ensure you are comfortable, happy and on your way to better hearing!