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How to Decide Which Hearing Aid Is Right For You

older woman trying hearing aids to decide which hearing aid is right for her

Which hearing aid is right for you?

With many hearing aid options out there, deciding which hearing aid is right for you can seem overwhelming. Hearing loss can be difficult to deal with. Conversations can become difficult. Background noise can make understanding even worse. Subsequently, we can become frustrated or feel isolated from our loved ones. Studies have shown untreated hearing loss is linked to greater risk of depression, balance issues, and problems with memory.

Thankfully, there are ways to help! Beltone offers many different types and styles of hearing aids. We offer free consultations to first determine the type and degree of hearing loss you have. Next, we help select the best hearing aids to fit each individual’s personal preferences, budget and needs.

Do Beltone hearing aids come with a warranty?

Each hearing aid will include a manufacturers warranty against defects as well as a loss, stolen, or damage protection plan to give you total peace of mind about your purchase.

Beltone also strives to provide the best aftercare available to help you continue to hear better with your new aids. Any adjustments or cleaning of the aid are included in the initial investment into your hearing.

Different types of hearing aids

Finding the perfect hearing aid is easy with Beltone. We offer several types of hearing aids to fit different lifestyles and budgets.

Behind-the ear hearing aids

Behind-the-ear (BTE) or receiver-in-ear (RIE) hearing aids are a popular choice of aid that fits many types of hearing loss. These aids sit behind the ear and have a tube or wire that allows sound to travel into the ear canal. However, some clients prefer a custom made aid to fit snug in the canal. These aids can be ‘in the ear’, ‘in the canal’, or ‘completely in the canal’ depending on how much of the aid the client would like to be visible in the ear.

Beltone Amaze rechargeable hearing aids

Our latest technology is the Beltone Amaze, which is a fully rechargeable hearing aid. There is no need to ever change a battery. Amaze is iPhone ready and its sound quality is truly amazing! Whether you are in a busy restaurant, sporting event, business meeting, or at home you will hear clearly.

Beltone Trust hearing aids

Trust is a hearing aid that utilizes features like Ear-to-ear synchronization and Cross link directionality to monitor your surrounding and automatically focus on speech sounds to keep you in the conversation. Trust also uses Beltone’s Hear Max phone app to allow you to have total control over your hearing aids using your smart phone. Remote Care allows Trust users to receive adjustments from a hearing care professional remotely.

Micro-Invisa invisible hearing aids

For those who don’t want anyone to know they are wearing a hearing aid, we offer the micro-Invisa. An ultra small hearing aid made to completely hide in within your ear canal, it uses state of the art technology like Smart Gain Pro to analyze your surroundings and adjust your volume accordingly and Sound Cleaner Pro to reduce background noise.

Beltone Ally receiver in the ear hearing aids

The Ally is a hearing aid that offers great sound at a lower price. Available in receiver-in-the-ear (RITE) and custom models, it is a good fit for many clients. Ally is a wireless aid that works well with Beltone accessories like the Beltone Remote II, Phone Link, and MyPal personal microphone.

Beltone Origin hearing aids

Beltone Origin is our entry level hearing aid. This aid is good for those who want excellent sound quality in an easy to use device. It’s available in a wide range of styles and power ranges to fit most clients needs.

Beltone Boost Max and Bold hearing aids

For clients who need more power, Beltone offers Boost Max and Bold, a pair of high powered behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids for severe to profound hearing losses. Boost Max uses wireless connectivity to work with iPhone & iPad and has superior sound quality using features like Sound Shifter and Cross link directionality. Bold is a more budget friendly aid that is strong, comfortable, and uses features like Speech Spotter and Feedback Eraser to provide great sound quality.

In conclusion, Beltone has many different solutions to help you with your hearing loss and deciding which hearing aid is right for you. Contact a Beltone professional today for a free consultation to start yourself on a path to better hearing.